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Southampton Python Users Group (SPUG) is a general users group for all things Python. We're based at the University of Southampton, but everyone is welcome. We usually have an invited guest speaker once a month to lead a session. We communicate through a mailing list and a Slack chat room. SPUG is open to absolutely anyone who is interested in Python regardless of experience or level.

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Visualising data interactively

Compelling data visualisations are an essential way to make complex information more understandable. They can be used to provide valuable insights by enabling both exploratory and explanatory analysis. Even though there are a large number of python visualisation tools, not many of them can be used to create interactive visualisations. Interactive visualisations allow the viewer to be part of the visualising process by constructing a narrative of their choosing. Also, they typically have a higher engagement time frame than static visualisations. Unfortunately, creating easily accessible and interactive visualisations with Python can be quite challenging. Some Python tools can be used to create and share interactive applications similar to dashboards and GUIs created using commercial software. In this talk, I shall discuss tools and techniques, particularly the dash framework, for building and sharing web-based interactive visualisations.


Nana Abankwa


6pm–7.00pm, 28th February 2018


Southampton University, Highfield Campus, building 6 (Nuffield theatre), room 1077 (map)

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